Terms & Conditions


This Terms of Use Agreement ("Agreement") provides a License ("License") to "users" to access, navigate, use, and participate in social activities on the UniversalTeam.com website from any device capable of accessing the internet. This Agreement includes UniversalTeam.com Privacy Policy, incorporated herein and made part of the understanding between UniversalTeam.com and any user wanting to access UniversalTeam.com and parties agree to be bound by the terms set forth.


UniversalTeam.com, through it Gaming Commission, reserves the right to modify these terms in any manner, and at anytime and shall post such Amendments to its website. The at will user is deemed to have accepted Amended terms with continued access to Pokertribe.com by the user.

Content Updates

UniversalTeam.com may update or modify its website content at anytime and may require the user to accept such updates and install them on whatever device are use to access the website. The user agrees that UniversalTeam.com may change its content at any time and without notice, and some updates or modifications may affect third party access to UniversalTeam.com and may require additional upgrades from those sites to access UniversalTeam.com.


Subject to the users compliance, UniversalTeam.com grants a non-exclusive, non- transferrable and revocable limited license to access UniversalTeam.com and use the content for its intended purpose, and for no other purpose. users accept that virtual currency or any facsimile, is not a physical item and is not owned by the user, and that such items are non-negotiable except for their intended purpose.

Account Registration

The user agrees they may be required to establish an account on UniversalTeam.com website through the sign-up process and accept this Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy to complete the registration process. The user may also be required to have a valid registration on a third party social website such as Facebook or Google+ from which UniversalTeam.com may be accessed. Through the registration process, the user agrees that all data entered needed to complete the registration is true and factual. The user must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Equipment & Software

The user provides any equipment and any software needed to connect a device to UniversalTeam.com, and the user is responsible to for any fees, or cost, including internet access fees or mobile fees the user is assessed for using UniversalTeam.com.

Restrictions of Use

  • If the user accesses UniversalTeam.com from another social network, the user may be required to accept that social networks terms of use and/or privacy policy as may be put forth
  • An user may not access or register an account on UniversalTeam.com if they have not attained the age of eighteen (18) years
  • The valid user shall monitor their account and insure that under aged persons to not access the account and the user accepts full responsibility for unauthorized access
  • Any user shall not access UniversalTeam.com from the account of another user and the valid user assumes all responsibility for misuse of account access
  • A valid user account may not be transferred to another user
  • The user is responsible to for any use of credit cards, or other payment device in connection with the users account
  • An user may not create an account using false information
  • An user may be denied opening an account on UniversalTeam.com if the user was previously removed or banned from UniversalTeam.com
  • The user agrees not to engage in any illegal activity
  • An user may not solicit others on the social network for any commercial purpose
  • The user may not engage in any act deemed by UniversalTeam.com to be in conflict with the intent of use of the website and it services
  • The user agrees not submit a false report concerning any matter or experience while accessing UniversalTeam.com
  • The user shall not interfere with the normal functions of UniversalTeam.com website in any manner
  • Access Security

    Having established a valid account on UniversalTeam.com, the user assumes all access responsibility and accountability, including financial responsibility and the following applies:

  • The user shall not share their login information with any other person
  • The user is required to monitor there last login times and transaction history in attempt to verify account integrity
  • If the user suspects their account information is compromised by another, they take full responsibility for such access and take steps to modify their user information, including but not limited to logon information
  • UniversalTeam.com reserves the right to deny a user name if such name already exists, or conflicts with any third party license agreement, or is owned by another person or entity
  • An user may not access UniversalTeam.com in any manner deemed to be illegal with respect to the Laws of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes or any other applicable law
  • The user use shall not post, otherwise converse objectionable information as deemed by UniversalTeam.com and shall not engage in activity that may be considered abusive, threatening, obscene, or racially or sexually overt
  • The user shall not transmit unauthorized communications through UniversalTeam.com including junk mail, spam, chain letters, malware, spyware, downloadable items, or links to other websites in conflict with the provision immediately above
  • The user use shall not use unauthorized third party software to collect information from UniversalTeam.com or from other authorized users of UniversalTeam.com
  • The user shall not employ any device or process, or take any action that creates any unreasonable or disproportionate traffic on UniversalTeam.com
  • The user agrees not to attempt to siphon or obtain source code or any other intellectual property of UniversalTeam.com
  • The user agrees honor UniversalTeam.com copyrights and trademarks and not use, copy or distribute UniversalTeam.com content
  • Monitoring user Content

    Any communication contributed by an user while on UniversalTeam.com is considered user content and the user is solely responsible for such content, including, but not limited to chat content. The user certifies that any transmitted content is not contrary to any policy set forth in this Terms of Use Agreement or its Privacy Policy, or any other prevailing law or regulation. UniversalTeam.com may monitor user content at any time, and at its sole determination, and may refuse to post, or remove content at its discretion. For any continued misuse or abuse of the policies set forth herein as determined by UniversalTeam.com, UniversalTeam.com may revoke the users license to use the website which may include the deletion of the violating users account.

    Merchant Services

    The user acknowledges that UniversalTeam.com may offer for sale goods or services it licenses to the user. UniversalTeam.com is not obligated to offer, or provide a refund for any reason and that the purchase of virtual products has no actual value beyond their use on UniversalTeam.com website.

    UniversalTeam.com reserves the right to offer its social website and content and may at any time end such offering, and upon such event, may suspend or terminate any License issued to any user with no further obligation between UniversalTeam.com and any former user. user agrees to access UniversalTeam.com at their sole risk and on an as is basis. No warranty otherwise is expressed or implied.

    The user agrees to indemnify and hold UniversalTeam.com harmless from any claim, loss, liabilities, damages, including legal fees and other expenses from the users use, or misuse of the License to access UniversalTeam.com. The provisions of this section shall survive any termination of the users license.